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All birds need toys, not only to alleviate boredom, but to provide a valuable chewing exercise. Because the safety of your birds is so important to us, we at Animal Environments use no chains or dangerous clip-type devices. Our safe quick-link fasteners attach easily to our cages' built-in toy rings. As an added bonus, all our toy parts are completely replaceable, ensuring long life.

Numbered photo at right shows the following toys:

1 - SQUIGGLE GYM - Provides hours
of exercise and entertainment.
Small: $ 42.00
Medium: $56.00
Large: $74.00

of replaceable manzanita or
Small: $ 42.00
Medium: $56.00
Large: $74.00

3 - STICK KABOB - Pre-drilled
manzanita, eucalyptus, rawhide
and mineral block
Small: $ 42.00
Medium: $56.00
Large: $74.00

4 - CHEW MOBILE - An entertaining
array of safe chewables such as rawhide, eucalyptus and mineral
Small: $42.00
Medium: $56.00
Large: $74.00

5 - FOOD KABOB - A handy way to hang your bird's favorite fruits and veggies.
Small: $42.00
Medium: $56.00
Large: $74.00

6 - MANZANITA SWING - Provides varying thicknesses for healthy feet.
Small: $42.00
Medium: $56.00
Large: $75.00

7 - EASY MOUNT PERCH - Available in two sizes. Beautiful manzanita or eucalyptus perch that mounts with the twist of the thumb. Attaches to any side of the enclosure.
Manzanita Eucalyptus
Small: $ 42.00
Medium: $ 50.00
Large: $75.00


Luxury Bath - Built to last a lifetime, the Luxury Bath features stainless steel construction and dual manzanita perches. Provides hours of enjoyment while keeping feathers healthy and attractive.
Diameter: 6-1/4" / 16 cm; 9-1/2" / 24 cm
Sm. Luxury Bath: $95.00
Luxury Bath: $125.00

Luxury Bath $125.00

Small Luxury Bath $95.00

Germicide - A necessity for maintaining a healthy environment. "Wavicide-06" is a hard surface disinfectant spray. Kills bacteria and germs in the cage. Pleasant lemon scent. Will not harm paint surface. 2 year shelf life.
One quart.
Price: Call for Price


Acacia Cage Products

Acacia Ladder -
Constructed of cold rolled steel, and available in white, gray and almond. Provides hours of climbing enjoyment for your bird and can be placed anywhere within the cage.

Acacia Ladder - Price: Call for Price
Length: 20" / 50 cm
Width: 3" / 8 cm

Acacia Shelf -
Here is the answer to all of your storage needs for the Acacia cage. Designed to fit securely against the pedestal stand, the shelf can accommodate food, accessories, toys and more. Featuring quality steel construction, the shelf is available in any color to match your cage. It requires to hardware and attaches in seconds.

Acacia Shelf - Call for Price.
Width: 21" / 53 cm
Depth 8" / 20 cm

Acacia Playpen -
This versatile option is designed to sit directly on top of the cage without hardware, or can be used independently, anywhere. Sized for mobility and easy storage, the Playpen includes ladder, 2 toy holders, 3 manzanita perches and 2 exclusive canopy feeders designed to keep food and water free of droppings. (Shown here with optional swing hanger and toy ring.) Components are interchangeable. Elevated grate and removable plastic tray ensure the health and safety of your bird.
Offered in Stainless Steel
Height: 16-1/4" / 41 cm; Width: 21-3/4" / 54 cm.; Depth 16-3/4" / 42 cm
Price: $550.00
Price: $400.00 if purchased with cage