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Our Awards

Animal Environments - Recognized for the best in quality and unique patented designs.

Pet Age Retailers
Award at right

Best New Bird Product Award
APPMA 2001

Left: National Retailer Award First Place
1988 Best Bird Product - Pet Industry

Right: American Pet Products Manufacture Association First Prize
1988 - New Product Award



2020 - PET AGE 2020 ICON Award

Years in the industry: Over 32

Who or what inspired you to get into the pet industry?

Our family pets were the biggest inspiration, so I was motivated to provide them a better environment. Itís been my dream to provide to pets and families with a better and safer environment. It took years of consulting with veterinaries, pet shop owners and breeders combined with the greatest innovation, vision and technology before the door was opened that enabled me to be part of the pet industry.

What do you feel is your biggest contribution to the pet business and/or pet owners?

Innovation, quality and excellence using the finest materials to manufacturer a healthy environment for pets. Animal Environments has been the pioneer for more than three decades, and the brand has been honored by the pet industry with so many awards, best bird products, prizes in manufacturing, best product awards and so many others. It is an honor and satisfaction to be part of the pet industry and to receive the Pet Age ICON Award for 2020.

What has motivated you over the years?

The desire to have the best products, the most elegant, the most functional bird cages, animal cages, ring stands, toys and other pet products. The thank you notes, e-mails and phone calls from customers is what motivates me.

How would you describe your leadership style and how has it shaped your success?

Leadership requires effort, an open mind, lots of hours of work, discipline with an organized team and a dream. My dream has always been to maintain the Animal Environments brand as the best of the best, the No. 1 brand in quality and design so our pets can live a long life. My success has been shaped with the love and support of my family, friends, customers, magazines and social media who with their ads and communications make sure customers follow our brand in the pet industry.

What is the biggest issue that needs more attention from the pet industry?

From my perspective, the industry needs to find a way to provide information when disasters like floods, hurricanes or wildfires force people to evacuate and many animals are left behind. We need to help to find a better way to stablish places of rescue and services for different types of animals. Many nonprofit organizations need the support of businesses, corporations and governments to provide help, but when it happen customers do not know what to do and pets get scare and lost, and many times is too late to get them back. Someone in the industry needs to organize a definitive kit with a list of local rescues and resources to inform the public of what to do in emergency situations.