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Lifescapes® Avian
Play Areas


All Lifescapes® Avian Play Areas consist of two vertical steel support tubes and a horizontal connecting tube (with many rings) completes a stable, adjustable framework for perching, accessories and hanging favorite toys!

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Stainless Steel Ring Stand pictured,
powder coated Ring Stand inset.


All birds need toys, not only to alleviate boredom, but to provide a valuable chewing exercise. Because the safety of your birds is so important to us, we at Animal Environments use no chains or dangerous clip-type devices. Our safe quick-link fasteners attach easily to our cages' built-in toy rings. As an added bonus, all our toy parts are completely replaceable, ensuring long life.

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Luxury Bath pictured.

Large Play Area pictured.

Ring Stands

The large, 28" ring can accommodate many bird sizes, from Amazons to large Macaws. The functional base design includes a special collection tray and apron which helps keep the area clean. Casters are included for portability. Also features built-in hardware for attaching swings, toys and chewables. Feeders are available as an option. They are specially designed with a hood centered above the dish to eliminate messing into the dish.

Available in three non-toxic enamel hard finishes: white, gray, tropic patina, ironstone and almond.


Animal Environments understands the many needs of bird owners while they care for their birds. In this section, find bird baths, germicide and ladders, shelfs and playpens for the Acacia cage.

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