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The Company & Our Philosophy

As an exotic bird owner, you have a special relationship with your pet.

To live a long, happy life, your bird needs a home that is not only comfortable, but is also a safe haven from the many dangers presented by a low quality enclosure.

Indeed, some poorly designed birdcages are themselves a danger to your pet. Cheap toxic paints, improperly spaced bars, insecure latches, screws or tiny parts that can come loose and be swallowed, or pans so close to the cage bottom that fecal material can be reached, are all found in today's inferior cages. All of these can cause sickness or sudden death for your treasured pet.

Even the dimensions of the cage itself must be carefully calculated for the size and unique exercise patterns of the bird that lives in it. For example, a blue and gold macaw's wingspan is more than three feet. At least two dimensions of his cage should exceed 40 inches in order to provide proper exercise space.

Even though Animal Environments birdcages are built to be the finest in the world, they are very competitively priced because they are built entirely in our own high-tech factory. Beware of cheap imitations. These cages are widely imitated, but they are never equaled. Be sure to compare all of our many quality and safety features. You will be very favorably impressed. And, each cage is backed by a full, five year warranty, the best in the industry. (Lifetime warranty on stainless steel cages.)







No compromises are made in the manufacture of these products. No detail is too small in design, materials or finish. Literally, it is not possible to build a better birdcage within the current state of today's technology. These are the best birdcages in the world!

Second only to your bird's needs, are your own requirements as an owner. Each Animal Environments cage is designed to be a beautiful piece of furniture that fits in with the decor of your home, and each cage comes standard with a wide range of convenient features to make caring for your pet a pleasant and easy task.

As an owner, you also need courteous, prompt and knowledgeable help with selecting the cage and accessories that are just right for your pet. At Animal Environments, everyone is a bird expert, and we are only a phone call or e-mail away when questions arise.

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