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Unique Features

Feeder System
Made of medical-grade 304 stainless steel with a matte finish, our optional Feeder Systems attach to the outside of our bird's enclosure to maximize space inside. Special design features prevent birds from overturning their food or water. Also eliminates defecation into feeders, reducing the chance of bacteria-caused illness. The custom stainless steel dishes are easily serviced from outside the cage for your convenience. Complete feeder system is dishwasher safe. Up to two additional feeders are available with each cage and ringstand.

Uniquely Designed One-Piece Apron
Our apron extends 4-1/2" beyond perimeter of enclosure to catch falling seeds, feathers and other debris, thereby keeping the surrounding area free from messes usually associated with open cages.

Lexan Connector Pins
We have eliminated the nuts and bolts which can be hazardous to your bird, no tools are required.

Important Options
Your stainless steel cage can be crafted in three ways: Fully welded, fully welded with interchangeable arch or playpen tops, or unassembled for transport as shown to the right.

Bird-Proof Door Latch
Our exclusive Bird-Proof Door Latch pops open with the touch of a finger and locks automatically when door is closed.
All enclosures have rings specially designed to accommodate hanging toys, such as swings (please see accessories).

Stainless Steel Cage Warranty
There is a lifetime warranty on all welds and workmanship as well as a guarantee that the cage will never rust.

Corrosion-Proof ABS Plastic Tray
All cages come with a removable ABS Plastic Tray which is light weight and easily removed and cleaned. The tray has raised contact points which elevate the newspaper from the bottom allowing droppings to dry faster, minimizing hazardous bacteria growth. Newspaper permits owner to easily observe condition of stools.