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Duplex Breeder

The Duplex Breeder is a spacious cage for small birds that is especially suitable for breeding. The removable partition may be used for isolating a pair before introduction or separating the pair if successful breeding is not accomplished in a given amount of time. Baby birds can easily be separated for weaning and/or rearing.

Outside Feeder Stations gives bird more room in cage, unlike crocks & dishes.
Prevents bird droppings in food and water. A Tray that won't Rust to Dust - Elevated studs also allow paper to dry faster, minimizing bacterial growth.

The Duplex Breeder has the same patented features as Animal Environments' existing line of cages.

Playpen Top

A versatile Playpen is also available that can sit on top of our arch style cage or can be used independently.

A Latch that Opens with One Finger -
a breeze when its time to say good night.
Automatically locks as door is pushed close. Proven "bird proof" security - no escapes. No Tools or Bolts
Assemble in a matter of minutes.
No hardware to snag your pet.
Unique Patented Features
Design Des. - 308,737
Modular Cage Structure - 5,000,121
Latch - 4,923,233
Feeder Stations - Patent Pending

Stacker Cages

Enjoy the benefits of two Animal Environments cages constructed in a single space-saving stacking design. Available in either the Acacia, Amazon, Macaw or Cockatoo style cages.

Acacia Stacking
Amazon Stacking
Cockatoo Stacking
Macaw Stacking