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At long last Animal Environments™ has answered the call to build a cage for small companion birds. The Barcelona™ is the cage Small bird enthusiasts have been asking for.

Integrating the features Animal Environments™ cages are known for along with two years of research we believe this cage lives up to the Animal Environments™ name.

The exciting new feeder system coupled with Animal Environments™ standards such as an apron to catch seed mess, four designer colors, and a removable grate for easy cleaning make the Barcelona™ the premiere cage for small companion birds.

A Cage For The New Millennium!

Truly Superior ... See why the Barcelona is so special.

All Lifescapes® Avian Play Areas consist of two vertical steel support tubes and a horizontal connecting tube (with many rings) completes a stable, adjustable framework for perching, accessories and hanging favorite toys!

Avian Play Areas

Single Post PlayPens are now a thing of the past... with our new Play Area design there is no more mopping up around a post...and all birds will appreciate not whacking their wings on a post while trying to exercise.

All Natural Manzanita wood perches can be moved to any angle and height configuration (4 are included). Base and Apron (standard) effectively contains mess and has soft smooth, rounded edges for safety. Slide out waste catching tray makes cleaning very easy and convenient. The tray is located under perching areas so all waste ends up in tray, not on supporting structures. Play Areas completely assemble/disassemble in minutes without tools.

Take a closer look at all the Play Area models.

Available in ultra-durable powercoated finish or 304 medical grade Stainless Steel.