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The Barcelona is the obvious choice for concerned bird enthusiasts. Here's why...

At long last Animal Environments™ has answered the call to build a cage for small companion birds. The Barcelona™ is the cage Small bird enthusiasts have been asking for.
Integrating the features Animal Environments™ cages are known for along with two years of research we believe this cage lives up to the Animal Environments™ name. The exciting new feeder system coupled with Animal Environments™ standards such as an apron to catch seed mess, four designer colors, and a removable grate for easy cleaning make the Barcelona™ the premiere cage for small companion birds.

The Barcelona's door opens and closes securely using just one finger. An innovative two-point latch prevents escapes. Open door serves as landing pad.
Top Quality With Health in Mind
The Barcelona features an exclusive feeder system which is located outside of the cage to prevent fecal contamination of food and water. These feeders allow one to clean the food cups without escape worries.The clear feeder system allows your bird to view it's surroundings while eating, giving him peace of mind. Patents pending
Other innovative features of the Barcelona™ cage include a molded ABS plastic apron to catch up to 80% of the mess that makes it outside the cage. There are no sharp edges on the apron to injure people or pets. The raised removable grate keeps birds out of the debris that the apron catches and directs it into the Barcelona's™ ABS easy slide tray.

All of these features serve a twofold purpose; maintaining the heath of the bird and making cleaning much easier.