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Powder Coated Ringstand Price:

The large, 28" Ring can accommodate many bird sizes, from Amazons to large Macaws. The functional base design includes a special collection tray and apron which helps keep the area clean. Casters are included for portability. Also features built-in hardware for attaching swings, toys and chewables. Feeders are available as an option. They are specially designed with a hood centered above the dish to eliminate messing into the dish. Available in three non-toxic enamel hard finishes: white, gray, tropic patina, ironstone and almond.
Specifications -
Overall height: 65" from floor to top of Ringstand.
11" from floor to top of Apron.
32" from Pole bottom up to bottom of Ring.
Apron dimensions: W 29" x D 24".
Ring is 28" in diameter.

Feeders for Ringstand:

Stainless Steel Ringstand

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Stainless Steel
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